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EVRT - Emergency Virtual Reality Training

EVRT is multidisciplinary training that saves lives!

Are you as a paramedic, a police officer or a firefighter ready if a major incident or terrorist act occurs? Can you act appropriately and are you mentally ready?


EVRT is a unique VR course that allows you to train your skills in handling a major incident – a school shooting in the EVRT in presented in the course. You act as a paramedic, firefighter or commander etc. whose tasks involve handling the situation by triaging the injured and communicating with the injured and the other sectors at the scene of the accident.


You complete the simulation in collaboration with our professional instructor, who will attend and guide you throughout the session. You get direct sparring and feedback on your actions and the decisions you make when under pressure.


The exercise is recorded and the scenario is subsequently reviewed with our instructor.

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On the course you will train:

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration

  • Incident management

  • Work in stressful situations with many injured

  • M.A.R.C.H or M-ABCDE approach to the patient in cases involving many injured

  • Decision-making ability and mental readiness

  • Radio communication and communication with other personnel at the site of the injury

  • Safety during action

Frequent activities and repetitions (low dose, high frequency) will help you save lives in case of a major incident. With EVRT, you can virtually train your skills together with others – anywhere and as often as you like.

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  • Practicalities

    • The courses usually take place in groups with 4 participants with about 4 hours per group. Several groups may be implemented in parallel or in continuation of each other.


      The VR simulation can be carried out anywhere and it can be shown to a group of rescuers, police officers or a group of firefighters, but it can also be shown to professional groups and departments. It is not a requirement that you are all physically in the same place because the VR simulation is conducted online via network connection.


      We provide the necessary equipment and the simulation is carried out using VR headsets and with the help of controllers.

  • Benefits of the training

    • Our evaluations of the VR course show that participants are greatly strengthened in their skills and knowledge in relation to triage, radio communication and awareness of stress levels. The participants leave the course with strengthened competencies and greater readiness in case of an incident.


      95% of all participants would highly recommend EVRT simulation courses to others.

  • Price

    • The price depends on the number of participants and how the course is organized.


      Contact Ricki to learn more about price and price packages.